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TSCM America is the trusted and accredited leader in providing technical surveillance countermeasures services.  TSCM Services include; electronic bug sweeps, technical counter surveillance inspections and  TSCM consulting to corporations, government agencies, and the military.  Our mission is to protect and safeguard your sensitive information and confidential communications from potential eavesdropping threats and attacks.  Review our TSCM Services to find out why more Fortune 1000 companies and Government Agencies turn to and trust TSCM America as their counter surveillance technology provider.  Contact TSCM America for a no obligation confidential quote. 
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Counter Surveillance Technology

Counterespionage Technology

TSCM America utilizes the most sophisticated highest grade cutting-edge technical surveillance countermeasures bug sweep technologies. With the ability to receive, download, and demodulate “free space” radio frequency transmissions, telecommunications, and wireless frequencies. Our company detects covert audio, video and covert technologies to acquire your information.  Contact us for more information on our technologies and methods. Request a no obligation TSCM Services quote.

Corporate and Government Bug Sweeps

Corporate & Government Bug Sweeps

TSCM America provides corporate and government bug sweeps of sensitive areas as defined by the client’s scope. Typically, the scope involves the c-suites, conference rooms, and the boardroom, but there may be additional areas of interest as dictated by the client within the office such as a foyer, common areas adjacent to boardrooms.  Corporate and government TSCM Services are requested on a regular basis for due-diligence and for any potential threats.

RF Demodulate Frequency TSCM Sweeps

RF Demodulation Audio & Video

The technical inspection is the process of both experience and science to analyze the frequency spectrum for potential threats coupled with many other technologies to identify, discover, and locate technical eavesdropping devices, regardless if they are active or passive.  This process also preserves all RF data in time and creates a baseline for future sweeps.

TSCM Drone Sweeps

Technical Drone Sweeps

TSCM America continues to evolve as the innovation and technology driven leader in not only interior TSCM sweeps but exterior technical surveillance countermeasures. We have assembled an array of technical counter surveillance drones that assist our technicians with exterior sweeps of buildings, roofs, land, and much more.

Real Live TSCM Monitoring

Real-Time LIVE TSCM Monitoring

TSCM America provides live real-time TSCM Bug Sweep Monitoring, In-Place Monitoring and 24 Hour Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Monitoring for corporate and government offices and conference rooms.  This technical process is to ensure no unauthorized communication devices enter into the meeting after our TSCM Sweep and acquired baseline .  Technical operators monitor the RF spectrum for threats in a nearby room and can quickly alert our point of contact to potential threats. 

TSCM Sweeps on Planes

Aircraft eavesdropping attacks

Aircraft are very vulnerable to eavesdropping attacks through the use of covert bugging devices, whether actively transmitting RF (radio frequency), passive or cellular based technology. These devices can be audio, video or GPS based threats. Our technical operations teams are very familiar with the majority of the types of aircraft and regularly sweep the interiors and exteriors for illicit eavesdropping devices.  This includes corporate, private and government aircraft.

Residential bug Sweeps and Home Sweeps

High-Profile Clients

TSCM America works with only high-profile clients to perform in-depth technical home bug sweeps to identify and locate hidden cameras, wireless devices, audio bugs, and eavesdropping threats that are covertly planted to acquire information. Our  services are performed for high-profile clients, corporate executives, politicians, celebrities, and high-net worth individuals.  

Drone TSCM Sweep

Building & Roof Drone Inspections

Identifying exterior threats such as transmitters and antennas is critical to conducting an in-depth technical counter surveillance sweep.  Our specially designed TSCM Drones can detect and locate transmitters and antennas that in the past were undetected. Contact TSCM America to receive a proposal to conduct an interior and exterior TSCM Sweep of your offices or facility.


TSCM America has produced and been featured in many news programs in regards to our technical services. Threats are ever evolving and our company stands ready in both technology and trained operators to meet this challenge. Our TSCM videos are meant to educate and showcase our methods and means to accomplish the goal of protecting our client’s privacy.


TSCM America is proud to be a member of many professional organizations and fully accredited, licensed, and insured. We are a fully vetted government contractor, registered with the United Nations, US Military and service provider to the US Government. Our company is an approved  Veteran Owned and certified by the Veterans Administration as their service provider.

TSCM America Bug Sweep Services



I just wanted to thank your company for coming out to perform a bug sweep on our law offices and we will be following all of your recommendations as noted within your report.

– Lawyer, Frisco Texas

Signing Up!

Our organization has contracted with TSCM America on several occasions to perform regular sweeps of our offices and conference rooms. We highly recommend this company.

– Confidential Client, New Orleans, LA.

Thank You!

I wanted to be the first one to thank both you for coming to “my rescue” this weekend. You both are very impressive in your trade and I am grateful to have the good fortune that you are equally as lovely in your character.

– Private Client, Malibu, CA.

High Tech!

Your company is outstanding and uses only the highest technology we have seen! I will never hesitate doing business with your company in the future! Both of your techs were outstanding!
– Government Agency, Kansas City

Prompt Response!

You guys are great with your prompt response time and traveling out to Houston to respond to our corporate offices. You get a big thanks for coming out on a holiday with short notice!

– Medical Company, Houston Texas

Service that Matters!

TSCM America performed office sweeps and vehicle GPS tracking sweeps on our company vehicles and with their technology they located a magnetic black box under several cars that contained a battery operated GPS tracking device. I just wanted to take the time and say thanks for the services.

– Julie Jones, Portland, Or.

Top Notch!

I hold your company in the highest regard as far as technical countermeasures service goes– you folks are top notch. Thanks again!

– Financial Corporation, Dallas Texas

Great Work!

We are a mid-size advertising corporation that felt confident that our conference room had some sort of listening device planted within the room. We contacted TSCM America to sweep the offices and sure enough they located a small radio audio devices about the size of a quarter in a plant next to the table. Great work and fast response!

– David C, President, Saint Louis, Mo.

Thank you!

I’m impressed with your company as well as your ability to provide the means / skills needed to resolve the issue. Again, many thanks!
– D. Miles, IT Coordinator

Very Happy Client

Your customer service and dedication to your customers is superb!!! So many companies now have poor customer service, it is great to find a company that cares and does the right thing. You will have my business for a long time to come. Your company provided immediate services to our corporate offices and conference rooms.

– Mary Hellen, CEO

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