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TSCM America is located in New York City and offices in most major cities, our company is able to respond quickly to eavesdropping threats and technical bug sweeps.

We service corporations and private clients whom believe could be targets for illegal eavesdropping attacks. The threat is ever increasing and our company restores peace of mind and knowing that your company or private residence is free from eavesdropping threats.  Contact our New York City offices today for a no obligation quote.


Recommended and used by many of the Fortune 500 Companies and Private Clients.


Providing our clients with the latest cutting edge technology to mitigate the emerging threats.


Skilled and Educated in today’s threats and works with clients to mitigate the risks.

New York City Bug Sweeps

Providing Eavesdropping Detection Services

TSCM America provides technical electronic bug sweeps in New York City to businesses, corporations and private clients to protect their privacy, shareholders, and intellectual property. TSCM America is the technical counter-surveillance and counterespionage provider to many of the Fortune 500 companies across New York City. Regulations dictate companies are required to protect their information, communication, and privacy. We meet and exceed those requirements not only with our technology but with our processes and internal reporting.

What Are You Doing to Protect Your Privacy?

Scheduling a Bug Sweep may be the most important act you take to protect your communications and privacy.

Located in the Heart of New York City, TSCM America is the Leader in Technical Electronic Bug Sweeps.

Bug Sweeps – Eavesdropping Counterespionage Detection

Detection from threats or to meet compliance requirements, organizations and private clients must implement preventive measures to ensure that their communications and conversations are adequately secured. Failure to put best practices in place can result in loss of intellectual property, trade secrets, sensitive information, and even worse. Public companies have a duty to protect their information and our company is the trusted source serving New York City, Manhattan, and Wall Street. Our New York office is located in Midtown Manhattan and services all of the East Coast of the United States.
Our corporate eavesdropping detection and TSCM Technical Surveillance Countermeasures units are ready to respond.

Detection Prior to a Communication Leak is our Business

New York City TSCM Services

Technical Capture and Demodulation of the Frequency Spectrum for Threats

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