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Trusted by Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, and high-net worth clients across the United States.  Contact TSCM America, we are leaders in technology and trained technical operators to locate and detect active and passive eavesdropping threats. TSCM America is a nationwide Technical Surveillance Countermeasures corporation with regional field offices in many states but carries a national reach to services our clients.  Our clients are corporations, businesses, government agencies, high-net worth individuals and private clients whose privacies and communications must be protected.

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Operational Statement

TSCM America will not accept assignments without a defined scope and purpose.  We will not accept any assignment where we feel we cannot be of value or goes against our core values.

⊗ Will not accept “electronic harassment” projects.

⊗ Will not accept any assignment under any law enforcement investigation.

⊗ Will not accept assignments that are “gang stalking” in nature.

⊗ We do not install or sell any products.

⊗ TSCM America complies with all US state and federal laws.

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We do not provide services to clients under any criminal investigations, we do not accept assignments that pertain to “gang stalking” or “electronic harassment”. We have the right to not accept assignments that do not have a defined scope or for any other reasons that we feel have no mutual benefit.  We do not sell or install any eavesdropping devices.  Finally, we follow all local, state, and federal laws in the course of our services. 

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