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Corporate Eavesdropping Going High Tech

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Corporate Eavesdropping used to be the somewhat covert art of over-hearing conversations and then either communicating that information to others or using that information against their employer as leverage. Today, we find that the once used methods of placing your ear to a wall and struggling to hear information has been replaced with electronic eavesdropping. But wait, in a corporation we always thought that eavesdropping and monitoring conversations was only limited to our competition or rivals to steal valuable trade-secrets, sales plans, client information, and so on. That’s still true and very real but now, not only do we have to protect our information against those outsiders but now the insiders, our own employees!

TSCM America® has investigated many cases that actually turn out to have insider employees who will do almost anything to obtain information. Here are a few examples of real eavesdropping investigations we have worked involving in-house employees:

Risks to Corporations

Public Company Information – employee steals insider information to pass-along to another company or uses that information for financial gains.

Disgruntled Employee – obtains confidential company information or personal information against a company officer and threatens to use that information to harm the company or company officer.

Sexual Harassment – employee may use covert methods such as hidden video, pictures, or audio.

Methods of the Eavesdropper

There are literally endless possibilities that the eavesdropper can use and all can be serious and cause harm to a corporation.

  • Small Covert Voice Activated Recorder
  • IP Camera with Audio
  • GSM Bugs
  • Wireless RF Bugs – Audio/Video
  • Rouge Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Whatever the methods used and motives, TSCM America® has the experience and technology to detect and protect your company against these eavesdropping attacks. Through frequency demodulation, proprietary technology, and years of experience, we can protect you and your information.

About TSCM America®

TSCM America® is a professionally licensed Technical Surveillance Countermeasures corporation protecting corporations, government agencies, and residential clients from illegal eavesdropping. Our company was founded based on real-world needs to counter covert surveillance threats. Eavesdropping detection and security consulting is our business and our goal is protecting and safeguarding your privacy. We provide services which include; Counterespionage, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Security Consulting, and Technical Bug Sweeps.