Eavesdropping Risks

Corporate Vulnerabilities to Eavesdropping Attacks

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TSCM America® is a technical surveillance countermeasures corporation that specializes in detection and identifications of vulnerabilities that corporations face in the threat of an eavesdropping attack. Whether it is the monitoring of your sensitive communications or the capturing of internal data, all companies can be at risk. Many companies have an internal security or risk management department that protects the company against theft and liability such as:

Internal security in most companies deal with and focus on physical security such as protecting the facility which includes tangible assets which risk management mitigates a company’s exposure to threats.

TSCM America® can supplement your current efforts by offering a process and method to survey and examine your companies risk potential to internal and external technical eavesdropping risks. TSCM America® uses the latest TSCM cutting-edge technology along with our experience to mitigate your companies risk and exposure to communication breaches, data leakage, and eavesdropping threats.

Process driven vulnerability and susceptibility analysis to examine the following;

Boardrooms to include all audio and visual devices, telecommunications, microphones, wiring, cabling, physical examination, detection of active and non-active devices.
Executive Offices
Gathering Places – Lunch Rooms and Break Rooms
Private Places – Restrooms
Home Offices
Off-Site Meeting Rooms and Conferences

TSCM America® is a “Registered Trademark” of LP Dynamics, Inc. TSCM America® is a professionally accredited licensed and insured technical security contractor/consultant and not a private investigation company. We do not provide surveillance or sell/install any eavesdropping devices. TSCM America<sup>®</sup>will not accept any assignment that is under any law enforcement investigation.