Experts in Counter Surveillance and Risk Mitigation Threats

Counter Surveillance

measures undertaken to Prevent Surveillance including Covert Surveillance

TSCM America provides counter surveillance services and corporate TSCM sweeps of sensitive areas of an office as defined by the client’s scope. Typically, the scope involves the c-suites, conference rooms, and the boardroom, but there may be additional areas of interest as dictated by the client within the office such as a foyer, common areas adjacent to boardrooms and conference rooms.

Counter Surveillance Services

Counter Surveillance Service

TSCM America provides counter surveillance and technical eavesdropping detection bug sweeping coupled with intense physical inspections that uncover evidence of technical electronic eavesdropping.

TSCM America finds that counter surveillance inspections can yield evidence of illegal eavesdropping activity and can uncover serious security weaknesses that make the likelihood of information and communications theft highly probable. TSCM America provides eavesdropping detection and electronic technical bug sweeps to government agencies, corporations and private clients with services across the United States.

Counter Surveillance Services

Counterespionage Threats

TSCM America counter surveillance sweeps are the clear direction when you or your company or government agency requires professional sweeps to uncover clear evidence of technical eavesdropping attacks via electronics, telecommunications, video, or cellular activity.

Methods used and identified techniques used to steal your corporate and personal information include telecommunications bugging, cellular based bugging, concealed covert video cameras, and audio devices. The simplest methods are often used and are usually identified first in any campaign of information theft from a company or agency that is a target. These can include the theft and or copying unattended confidential documents left unattended or failure to install passwords, intercepting confidential conversations, theft of confidential office waste. Maintaining a high level of security is critical.


TSCM America Corporation


I just wanted to thank your company for coming out to perform a security survey on our law offices and we will be following all of your recommendations as noted within your report.
- Lawyer, Frisco Texas

Signing Up!

Our organization has contracted with TSCM America® on several occasions to perform regular sweeps of our offices and conference rooms. We highly recommend this company.
- Confidential Client, New Orleans, LA.

Thank You!

I wanted to be the first one to thank both you for coming to "my rescue" this weekend. You both are very impressive in your trade and I am grateful to have the good fortune that you are equally as lovely in your character.

Please know, that ONLY thanks to your work that I now know who has been my informant and had a verbal confirmation with that. I believe you saved me a great deal of future strain with an added peace of mind on top of it all.
- Private Client, Malibu, CA.

High Tech!

Your company is outstanding and uses only the highest technology we have seen! I will never hesitate doing business with your company in the future! Both of your techs were outstanding!
- Government Agency, Kansas City

Prompt Response!

You guys are great with your prompt response time and traveling out to Houston to respond to our corporate offices. You get a big thanks for coming out on a holiday with short notice!

- Medical Company, Houston Texas

Service that Matters!

TSCM America® performed office sweeps and vehicle GPS tracking sweeps on our company vehicles and with their technology they located a magnetic black box under several cars that contained a battery operated GPS tracking device. I just wanted to take the time and say thanks for the services.
- Julie Jones, Portland, Or.

Top Notch!

I hold your company in the highest regard as far as technical countermeasures service goes-- you folks are top notch. Thanks again!

- Financial Corporation, Dallas Texas

Great Work!

We are a mid-size advertising corporation that felt confident that our conference room had some sort of listening device planted within the room. We contacted TSCM America to sweep the offices and sure enough they located a small radio audio devices about the size of a quarter in a plant next to the table. Great work and fast response!

- David C, President, Saint Louis, Mo.

Thank you!

I'm impressed with your company as well as your ability to provide the means / skills needed to resolve the issue. Again, many thanks!
- D. Miles, IT Coordinator

Very Happy Client

Your customer service and dedication to your customers is superb!!! So many companies now have poor customer service, it is great to find a company that cares and does the right thing. You will have my business for a long time to come. Your company provided immediate services to our corporate offices and conference rooms.
- Mary Hellen, CEO