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TSCM America is looking for an ideal addition to our technical operations team. We are looking for someone based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area that has the drive to learn the art and science of technical surveillance countermeasures. This position is for the person who is willing to work on an as-needed-basis and able to travel as needed within the USA. We are looking for the skilled TSCM operator or someone we can mold and teach with in-house training as well as accredited training. Send us an email if interested, info@tscmamerica.com

TSCM America is a Drug/Alcohol-Free Work Place and meets pr exceeds all  Government requirements.

SUMMARY In support of our Clients, responsible for providing Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services, inspections, in-conference security monitoring services, and physical security advice to Clients.

Provide advice and research on technology solutions and equipment for the TSCM program. Conduct technical briefings to our Clients.

PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Serves as the technical subject matter expert providing advice and education to personnel on matters of technical security policy, procedures, and regulations.
  • Provides Technical Surveillance Countermeasures services to ensure the security of Client information.
  • Develops and presents technical security related training to personnel in a formal classroom and in a field setting.
  • Provides TSCM support services for a comprehensive technical security program designed to protect facilities, employees and assets.
  • Provides a formal report of findings for each survey or inspection conducted.
  • Assist in developing and reviewing technical security designs for Clients facilities.
  • Provide input/review of proposed polices.
  • Apply technical procedures in conducting needs surveys or inspections for preventing unauthorized access to and possible disclosure of, classified and sensitive information.
  • Provide clear and concise reports for each service conducted to identify cost effective strategies and security effect protection measures and protection strategies.
  • Provide research services and advising office personnel on national and international developments in commercial, state-of-the-art, security technology through briefings and education materials.
  • Review and make recommendations for technical security upgrade designs based on counter-threat plans, physical security and technical security policies. Ensuring that technical security policies are implemented according to Program Office’s procedures without undue interruption of normal operations.

The TSCM Technical Security Specialist shall possess the following background, knowledge, and skills: Undergraduate degree in an IT, electronics, business, security or a related discipline is desirable but not required.  A combination of training and current operational experience of at least 6-15 years is required. Experience can be substituted for education; specialized experience in the areas of RF/signal analysis and a background in electronics intelligence required. Other related experience can include counterintelligence, security policy standard development, security countermeasures programs, access systems operation & management, personnel protection & protecting/security information, or region desk officer responsibilities. General experience is required in analytical, decision making, or administrative work. Must possess /obtain all required security clearances to perform a TSCM related Tasking. Must have the ability to effectively related technical requirements/issues to non-technical personnel. Must have the ability to communicate effectively to large or small groups on technical and non-technical issues related to the TSCM Program. Knowledge of subversive organizations and their methods of operation. Ability to read and understand design plans for purposed technical security upgrades. Understanding of, and experience-based familiarity with, information security practices required to establish and maintain system integrity for safeguarding classified information in a secure environment. Effectively work in a team environment as a team lead or a team member. Ability to communicate and coordinate actions effectively with individuals at all organizational and management levels within, and external to,  the Company.

Must have excellent writing skills. Sufficient computer and word processor skills to produce all written work in final form. Physical and Psychological Requirements Physical and psychological capabilities are required which allow him/her to perform activities during sustained periods of intense concentration, working with electrical hazards, under adverse weather conditions, in confined and restricted spaces. The ability to climb and work at heights; lift and carry heavy loads of at least 70 pounds; ability to distinguish colors and read codes on electronic components is required. Knowledge of, but not limited to, various types of communication systems, physical security devices and methods, intelligence and counterintelligence methods, physical security, operational security, methods of radio frequency modulations coupled with a comprehensive appreciation of practices and techniques employed in espionage are essential.

Notes: This is an as-needed 1099 position based on Client needs and schedules.  This is not an hourly or salary based position, no benefits, role is strictly independent contractor. Please email, no calls accepted.

September 2019, Equal Opportunity Employer