TSCM America® provides GPS Tracker Detection and Electronic Sweeps of Vehicles for GPS Trackers

TSCM America® provides electronic sweeps of vehicles for GPS Trackers and provides GPS Tracker Detection. If you feel that someone has installed a GPS tracker on your vehicle, you can contact us today to talk about your options and our services.
Our technology and services can quickly locate any installed GPS Tracking device that has been installed on your car or any vehicle. GPS Trackers have the ability to be installed using a battery or hardwired to the vehicles electrical system. If battery operated the unit will provide tracking from days to weeks depending on the size of the battery. If hardwired, it can last as long as it’s on the vehicle.

Our GPS Tracker Detection Service

Clients are welcome to make an appointment and come to our office to have a GPS Tracker sweep completed or we can come to their location for a travel fee. Out of area clients (outside of Dallas/Fort Worth) who are wanting a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Sweep of their business or residence can request this service as part of the overall Bug Sweep. Contact us today to talk about scheduling a GPS Tracker Sweep of your Vehicle.

GPS Tracker Detection Sweep

GPS Trackers can be hardwired or battery operated. We have the technology to detect both wired and battery operated GPS Trackers.

Detect and Locate GPS Trackers

Using technology to detect the simple to find to the most difficult to detect GPS Tracking units. Our services typically include the vehicle as part of the package of service options.

GPS Tracker Detection and GPS Tracking Locator

Our experienced team of TSCM technicians will physically examine your vehicles for monitoring devices from GPS trackers, electronic audio bugs, to even video transmitters. We combine this vehicle sweep with physical inspections and the use of the latest technology to detect frequency bursts emitting from GSM technology. With the huge rise on the sale over the internet on GPS tracking devices, we are contacted daily to perform vehicle sweeps to locate and remove these devices. GPS trackers can be used by anyone from stalkers to rivals and the sales of these units go unregulated. Many states have passed laws on the use of these devices but the sales go on. GPS trackers can be installed within seconds and can either be operated on batteries or hard-wired into the car’s electrical system.

We do not provide the GPS Tracker detection service if you are under investigation from law enforcement under any circumstances. TSCM America® does not sell nor install GPS Trackers.
Travel fees may apply if outside the Dallas Texas area unless in connection with a commercial or residential sweep.
We do not knowingly perform any services that are classified as criminally or civil wrong, such as detect or remove tracking devices that were installed by a lien holder on a vehicle title.

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