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Pet GPS Tracker Found on Car!

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People wanting to track vehicles are getting very creative these days. We just did a technical sweep on a clients vehicle and found a “Pet” GPS tracker taped to the bottom of the car. Of course your asking, maybe the client actually ran-over a dog and the tracker from the dog got stuck under the car. Sorry, not a chance with that much tape so it leads one to believe that the person who did this most likely had a pet gps tracker lying around and thought, this works on dogs so why not a vehicle… Makes sense and yes, it was working and was not easy to find being as small as it is. We have attached a few more pictures to get a feel for the size but it’s about 1 Pet GPS Tracker Found on Car inch by 1 inch. After our research we found these on Amazon for about $100. So, the takeaway is two-fold, people are creative and yes illegal vehicle tracking is alive and well, and were sure the dog is too.

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