Hotel Bug Sweeps TSCM Sweeps

Counter Surveillance Bug Sweeps to Hotels, Meeting Centers, Off-Site Conferences & Board Meetings


Providing our clients peace of mind and most important, security to ensure that your next off-site event is free from technical eavesdropping. Our company also can provide 24/7 monitoring of your meeting spaces to ensure after a TSCM sweep no devices enter into the secure area.Providing total privacy by providing a TSCM Sweep and if requested, 24/7 monitoring of the baseline frequencies.

The majority of our corporate and government clients require a complete sweep of the meetings spaces prior to the beginning of the meeting.  In many cases, our clients have us perform live monitoring of the RF baseline that was aquired during the sweep.

Hotel and Off Site TSCM Bug Sweeps

Eavesdropping at Hotels and Off-Site Meetings are on the increase

These meetings are conducted in places where you virtually have no safeguards on the potential for an Eavesdropping Attack.

TSCM America works with many corporate and government clients across the United States and provides TSCM services to ensure your total privacy. Corporate meetings, high-profile clients, athletes, celebrities, and anyone who needs to keep their information and communications secure.

TSCM America provides a clear solution, our company provides an eavesdropping sweep of the conference rooms, hotel rooms, and any areas where information is discussed. Prior to the meeting, our company arrives and sweeps the rooms, walls, floors, ceilings, AV equipment, telecommunications, electrical, and fixtures for not only eavesdropping devices but potential risks to data leaks of information. After the sweep, the room is sealed and ready for the meeting. We also provide technical monitoring of the meeting for risks entering into the rooms. Technical monitoring is the observations of the frequency spectrum to detect variances to the baseline captured during the sweep.

Off-Site Meeting Bug Sweeps

Hotel and Off Site Meeting TSCM Bug Sweeps

Off-Site meetings can be very hard to secure, not only physically but technically to ensure there are no risks to communication or information.

Meeting Room Bug Sweeps

Hotel and Off Site Meeting TSCM Bug Sweeps

TSCM America will sweep the meeting room prior to the start of the meeting. We then offer In-Conference monitoring to ensure no threats come into the area.

TSCM America Services Overview

TSCM America provides electronic bug sweeps to detect illegal eavesdropping for corporations, high profile individuals and anyone at risk. Our services are not limited to just your physical offices and conference rooms, but rather all extensions of the business. From boardrooms, corporate housing, conferences, hotel rooms, off-site meeting rooms, and more! Our professional TSCM bug sweep services compliment your due-diligence processes by protecting your information, your planning, your customer information, and your reputation.

Whether it’s a corporate executive or high-profile individual conducting business at a hotel, security and privacy are key. With free access to all areas of a hotel it’s possible to eavesdrop on meetings and within hotel rooms. You have very little control over whom else is coming and going within a hotel and protecting your information, meeting, and conversations is our business! Our team of TSCM technicians will sweep your meeting rooms, hotel rooms, and conference area for eavesdropping devices.

  • Hotel Room and Meeting Room Bug Sweeps
  • Verify the security of the Wi-Fi for connected Eavesdropping Devices
  • Demodulate all frequencies within the room for Eavesdropping Devices
  • Sweep walls, ceiling, and vents for eavesdropping devices that are active and non-active
  • Examine all objects in room, sweep for bugs and devices
  • Verify all phone lines and units for audio bugging devices
  • Ensure all wireless communications, mics, and phones are free of eavesdroppers
Hotel and Meeting TSCM Bug Sweeps
Technical Eavesdropping Detection

Hotel and Off-Site Meeting Risks

Hotels and Off-Site Meetings as we all have seen typically have monitors that display what company meetings are being conducted and in what rooms, great for direction purposes but not so good for a company conducting a meeting about future plans and sales information. And to make matters worse, if this in connection with a conference, your competition is probably there. It makes a good opportunity and we all know that meeting rooms are usually unsecured thereby allowing anyone to enter undetected and install a listening device.

Corporate housing sweeps is the same technology used in the corporate and government offices is employed to the corporate housing and corporate apartments where confidential information, communications, and WI-FI use is active. TSCM America uses only government grade eavesdropping equipment to detect the threat of hidden audio and video as well as the security of the wireless network and communication. We can schedule a full TSCM Bug Sweep prior to your guests arriving to ensure complete privacy.

We also perform corporate vehicle sweeps for tracking and audio devices.