Mitigating the True Risks of Eavesdropping

Experience and Training Sets Us Apart

The Risks of a Potential Eavesdropping Attack are Huge

The risk of potential eavesdropping attacks are huge and not only to corporations and government agencies, but to individuals whether it’s a celebrity, professional athlete, high-profile individual, or anyone who needs to have their privacy protected. Every year, billions of dollars are lost in corporations and businesses to illegal eavesdropping attacks through illegal means by way of electronic surveillance, hacking, internal employee theft, trade secrets and selling of insider information, and the lack of corporations to counter the threat through proactive steps in detecting weaknesses in their overall security programs. Individuals on the other hand are even more susceptible to eavesdropping attacks as they don’t have the resources necessary to stop or detect the threat until in most cases, it’s too late and harm and disclosure have already occurred.

Corporate Risks

Corporate Risks of Eavesdropping
  • Conference Rooms and Boardroom Sweeps
  • C-Suite Executive Office Sweeps
  • Home Office Sweeps
  • Hotels Rooms
  • Off-Site Meeting Locations
  • Vehicles
  • Vacation Homes

Individual Risks

Residential Bug Sweeps
  • Personal homes and residences that are targets
  • Home and off-site offices
  • Vehicles that could have tracking devices and audio
  • Hotels
  • Off-Site
  • Vacation Homes
  • Resorts
  • Conferences

How TSCM America can Reduce the Overall Threat

TSCM America is a professionally licensed technical surveillance countermeasures corporation that provides bug sweeps and electronic countermeasures sweeps protecting both corporations and residential clients from illegal eavesdropping. Our company was founded based on real-world needs to counter covert surveillance threats. Eavesdropping detection and security consulting is our business and our goal is protecting and safeguarding your privacy. We provide services which include; Counterespionage Detection, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Security Consulting, and Technical Bug Sweeps.