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Corporate Eavesdropping Internal Risks VS External

TSCM America® is a leader in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or commonly known as Electronic Bug Sweeps or Bug Sweeping. We are always asked, is there more internal eavesdropping than external? The answer is yes, and our data shows that the majority of the covert eavesdropping devices that we detect are planted by either a current or recently terminated employee. Therefore we conclude that internal corporate eavesdropping is growing and must be countered.

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TSCM America® is a professionally licensed Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) corporation protecting both corporations and our private client residential clients from illegal eavesdropping. Our company was founded based on real-world needs to counter covert surveillance threats. Eavesdropping detection and security consulting is our business and our goal is protecting and safeguarding your privacy. We provide services which include; Counterespionage,  Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Security Consulting, and Technical Bug Sweeps.

TSCM America® provides technical surveillance countermeasures services across the United States.