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TSCM America provides technical electronic bug sweeps and TSCM Services in Los Angeles California to corporations, government agencies and private clients to protect their privacy, shareholders, and intellectual property. TSCM America is the technical counter-surveillance and counterespionage provider to many of the Fortune 500 companies across Los Angeles California and the United States.

Regulations dictate companies are required to protect their information, communication, and privacy. We meet and exceed those requirements not only with our technology but with our processes and internal reporting.  Contact TSCM America to request a quote or to schedule services.


Experience and Trusted

TSCM America is located in Los Angeles California and offices in most major cities, our company is able to respond quickly to eavesdropping threats and provide technical bug sweeps and TSCM Services.

We service corporations, government agencies and private clients whom believe could be targets for illegal eavesdropping attacks. The threat is ever increasing and our company restores peace of mind and knowing that your company, agency or private residence is free from eavesdropping threats.  Contact our Los Angeles offices today for a no obligation quote.


TSCM America New York City Offices

Located in the greater Los Angeles area, TSCM America is the Leader in Technical Electronic Bug Sweeps and TSCM Services.



Bug Sweeps Eavesdropping Counterespionage Detection

Detection from eavesdropping threats or to meet compliance requirements, organizations and private clients must implement preventive measures to ensure that their communications and conversations are adequately secured.

Failure to put best practices in place can result in loss of intellectual property, trade secrets or sensitive information. Public companies have a duty to protect their information and TSCM America is the trusted source serving Los Angeles, San Diego and the West Coast out of this office.

Our corporate eavesdropping detection and TSCM Technical Surveillance Countermeasures units are ready to respond.

Los Angeles Offices
3415 S Sepulveda Blvd. 11th Floor
Los Angeles, CA. 90034
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TSCM America has produced and been featured in many news programs in regards to our counter surveillance and eavesdropping detection processes. Eavesdropping threats are ever evolving and TSCM America stands ready in both technology and trained technical operators to meet this ever changing threat.

Our TSCM America Videos are designed to educate and showcase our advanced methods and methodology to accomplish the goals of protecting and safeguarding our client’s privacy and sensitive communications.  We welcome you to visit our bug sweep videos and TSCM Services videos.  We continue to add TSCM Bug Sweep videos on a regular basis.