Protecting the Conference Room from Eavesdropping

Protecting the Conference Room from Eavesdropping

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In today’s competitive world of business just about anything will be done to obtain the competitions ideas, strategy, forecasting, sales plans, and other confidential information. Protecting your privacy and ensuring that information is private is our only business. Most conferences are planned out well in advance and the majority of conferences are conducted at trade shows or other national conferences while you have your group together. Guess who else is there, your main competitor! Your meeting is typically in a hotel conference room or any other type of off-site facility where you really have no control of the security. The problem is, it’s not your company conference room and in most cases you use the provided phones and microphones. But what else is hidden within the room?

Here is the issue:

Your competitor planted a listening device within the conference room and has setup a listening post nearby to hear and record the meeting. Now, everything that was discussed is known and can cost your company harm is so many ways.

Take Control and Contact Us:

TSCM America® can arrive at the location unannounced, gain access into the conference room prior to the start of the meeting and perform a technical surveillance countermeasures sweep. We are very discreet in this process. Once the sweep is concluded, we monitor the meeting room against a data frequency file we obtained from the location and sweep it for any occurrences outside of the file.

Our experience has shown that being proactive in the approach to protecting information is a huge cost saver of protecting information. Additionally, not reacting to known threats opens one up to liability and shareholder harm if it is shown that nothing was done to protect sensitive information.

TSCM America® has over 25 years of experience of protecting corporations and information. TSCM America® is a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures corporation. Our company was founded based on real-world needs to counter covert surveillance threats. TSCM America provides services which include; Counterespionage, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, and Technical Bug Sweeps.

Put your concerns at rest and call today for a no obligation quote. Have us at your next conference to perform a sweep and to talk about eavesdropping risks and what can be done to minimize that exposure.