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Think Your House is Bugged

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Is Your House Bugged? Residential Eavesdropping?

Residential and home bugging is more common than one would think and TSCM America® works with all types of clients to technically sweep their homes for bugging devices.  These home bugging devices can be audio, video, and even tracking devices.  Our Technology is the best in the industry and all government grade to detect even the most sophisticated devices.

What We Do

Our Residential Bug Sweeps and Home Eavesdropping Detection use physical and technical methods and government grade technical equipment to analyze, locate, and remove the threat.

Outside of the Residence – Signals Analyzed and Demodulated
Phone Wires, Cable, Electrical and any wires or devices connected to the residence validated
Interior of Residence – All walls, floors, ceilings, objects – examined and scanned
Electrical Outlets, Wi-Fi, Phone Jacks, Vents, Fixtures – Examined and Scanned
Garage and Attic – Physically Examined and Scanned along with all wiring
Vehicles – All physically examined and scanned for any monitoring devices (GPS Trackers)

Evaluating your risk is vital to maintaining your business continuity, security and peace of mind, and the risk of electronic eavesdropping should be a big part of your organizations overall risk management strategy. TSCM America® can help by providing Technical Surveillance Countermeasures.

Our Residential Technology

Spectrum Analyzers

We utilize the most sophisticated highest grade Spectrum Analyzers that have the ability to receive and demodulates “free space” frequency transmission. This allows for RF signal detection and identification of real-time frequency analysis.

The RF Spectrum must be analyzed with a Spectrum Analyzer capable of covering a minimum frequency range of 10 KHz to 21 GHz. Our equipment is capable of detecting carrier current devices on power lines as well as depopulating sub-carrier transmissions. Sophisticated techniques such as frequency hopping, spread spectrum, and video transmissions are only possible to detect and demodulates with a government grade spectrum analyzer.

Non-Linear Junction Detectors

The Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) is technically a microwave transmitter and receiver, designed to detect all transistors, diodes and other semiconductor devices which are found in transmitters, tape recorders, microphones and other eavesdropping devices. The NLJD is the only type of instrumentation that can successfully detect all radio transmitters, regardless of their transmission frequency, even if its battery is no longer active.

Without the NLJD, the TSCM service would be unable to detect tape recorders, hidden microphones, remotely controlled transmitters, ultrasonic, infrared or microwave transmitters and other hidden devices which may be embedded in the walls, ceilings, or furniture and possibly beyond the detection capability of other test equipment.  TSCM America® uses these devices as part of our home and residential bug sweep inspection process.

Another tool we use are broadband receivers, they can detect and locate major types of electronic surveillance devices including room bugs, telephone taps, body bugs, video transmitters, and tape recorders. Broadband detectors provide a very important effective tool for our professional sweep teams.

Thermal and Infrared Imaging Instruments

A Thermal Imager is used by the TSCM Technician to detect areas in the environment with suspicious heat signatures (hot spots) that may indicate anomalies caused by active eavesdropping devices that are generating heat or structural elements, including structural modifications that are used or created to secrete an eavesdropping device, such as a wall activity, ceilings, or within objects.

An Infrared Imager will allow the TSCM Technician to observe Infra-red (IR) blooming commonly emitted by optical eavesdropping devices that may be secreted in the area. These optical eavesdropping devices may include live feed as well as recording video cameras. The Infrared Imager is able to identify a spectrum of light that cannot normally be seen with the naked human eye.

Countermeasures Amplifiers are a high gain audio amplifier used to detect and identify certain types of surveillance devices attached to building wiring such as telephone wiring, LAN and server systems, AC Power, Alarm wire etc.

Physical Inspection Tools

During the physical search our TSCM Technicians will use miscellaneous tools and test sets to assist with locating and identifying eavesdropping devices. This is the most important, very tedious, and important part of our TSCM sweep. During the physical inspection the following tools and devices will typically be used, including our proprietary technology and experience.