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TSCM America® provides TSCM in-conference technical surveillance countermeasures monitoring for corporate and government meetings and conferences.  Off-site meetings conducted in hotels, conference centers, and trade shows are prime targets for industrial and corporate espionage attacks.  Even the best rated hotels and conference centers are unable to provide a secure and safe location to conduct sensitive meetings although the vast majority of companies use these facilities as a resource.

TSCM America® provides a two-part process, the first being, technically sweeping the conference or boardroom prior to the start of the meeting for illicit devices and testing and technically analyzing all areas of the room.  Once the room is cleared, it is secured until the start of the meeting.  Concurrently, TSCM America® takes up a position in an adjoining room to technically monitor the environment through spectrum analysis to compare the frequency transmission to our baseline data files prior to the meeting.  All “outside of baseline” frequencies are identified and demodulated for threats.  Data capture and analysis of outside of “peak” are continuously monitored.  Part one of the process is outlined below;

  • An In-Depth Physical Examination
  • Electrical System Sweep for Carrier Current Devices
  • Telecommunication Testing and Analysis
  • Audio and Visual Testing and Examination
  • Demodulation of all RF Frequencies
  • Trace Analysis and RF Maping
  • RF Signal Lists
  • Technical Sweep for Inactive/Remote Access Devices

Part two of our process is the continuous monitoring of the spectrum environment.  This includes open RF transmissions, cellular band, GSM, Wi-Fi, and the full spectrum to closely monitor the current activity to our baseline data.  This overall process is an intense countermeasure to ensure our client’s privacy that overall to ensure that all communications, information, and data is not getting outside of the protected “target” area.

Overall Risks to Unsecured Non-Monitored Meetings

Conducting corporate board meetings without a technical countermeasures sweep and TSCM in-conference monitoring is a risk that could lead to a security breach.  The vast amount of our corporate clients require this technical service.  If there is the slightest doubt that a conference room is free of eavesdropping devices, poor security technology, weak security procedures, and unsecured Wi-Fi, you need our services.

All TSCM services will receive a formal report outlining our services along with recommendations.

TSCM America® also provides corporate TSCM Sweeps, Physical Security Surveys, Home Office Sweeps, Vehicle Sweeps for tracking devices, and many other technical services.

TSCM America® is a “Trademark” of LP Dynamics, Inc. TSCM America® is a professionally accredited A+ with the Better Business Bureau licensed and insured technical security contractor/consultant and not a private investigation company. We do not provide surveillance or sell/install any eavesdropping devices. TSCM America® will not accept any assignment that is under any law enforcement investigation. All clients are confidential and protected under NDA on file.