TSCM Services Detecting and Mitigating the Threat from Illegal Eavesdropping Attacks

TSCM Services & Counter Surveillance Detection

Top Rated by Fortune 500 Companies

TSCM Services and Counter Surveillance Detection is our main services we offer to our corporate and government clients.  TSCM stands for technical surveillance countermeasures.  TSCM encompasses many aspects including technical counter surveillance sweeps otherwise known as bug sweeps or bug sweeping.   Our TSCM services are very detailed and designed to detect, locate and mitigate the risk and threat from technical eavesdropping devices.  TSCM services also identify security vulnerabilities and countermeasures to address the risks to mitigate future attacks and risks. Utilizing the highest grade of technology and expert technical operators we evaluate the project scope, RF Map the project, identify risks, and mitigate the threats.

TSCM Services and Scopes

Providing technical TSCM Services including TSCM Surveys, TSCM Sweeps, and TSCM Inspections to many of the top Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies across the United States.

Technology and knowledge separate us from others by understanding the latest threats and utilizing the most current technologies to combat and mitigate that threat. Protecting you and ensuring you are not a target of illegal eavesdropping is our only business.

  • Boardroom TSCM Sweeps
  • Conference Room TSCM Sweeps
  • C-Suite Technical TSCM Sweeps
  • Executive Home Office Bug Sweeps
  • Hotel & Off-Site Meeting Bug Sweeps
  • Executive Aircraft Analysis and TSCM Sweeps
TSCM America TSCM Services

TSCM America Video on Services.  See our website page under about us for more videos on TSCM Services.

TSCM Services and Methods

TSCM America provides TSCM Surveys, TSCM Inspections, Physical Security Analysis, TSCM Consulting, and Live TSCM Monitoring for our clients.  TSCM America is the leading Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) corporation in the United States protecting both corporations, government agencies, and private clients from illegal technical surveillance eavesdropping threats and attacks. TSCM America is both licensed and accredited. We were founded based on real-world needs to counter covert technical surveillance attacks.

Eavesdropping detection and technical security consulting are our only business. Our only goal is protecting and safeguarding your privacy and communications. We provide services which include; Counterespionage, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, TSCM Site Surveys, TSCM Consulting, TSCM Training and Technical Bug Sweeps. TSCM America is a Certified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB).
TSCM America provides technical surveillance countermeasures and counterespionage services across the United States.

TSCM Surveys

TSCM Surveys

  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Risk Assessments
  • Existing Countermeasures Programs
  • Physical Security Processes
  • Compliance to “Set” Standards
  • Benchmarking TSCM Analysis
Real Live TSCM Monitoring

TSCM Remote Monitoring

  • Prior technical TSCM Sweep of target area
  • Remote monitoring of developed baseline
  • Immediate alert of technical threats
  • On-going monitoring of meeting for alerts over captured baseline
  • Final report on sweep and monitoring
TSCM Analysis and Findings

TSCM Analysis

  • Full RF spectrum analysis
  • Demodulation of all RF transmissions
  • Capture RF signal lists and data
  • Detect active/non-active eavesdropping threats
  • Physical Inspection
  • Technical Inspection
  • Highest grade technology
TSCM Findings

TSCM Findings

  • Full report of findings and recommendations
  • Documentation of the TSCM sweep for clients records
  • Path to mitigation and risk avoidance
  • Graphs and charts of analysis
  • RF spectrum and signal lists
  • Options to prevent eavesdropping attacks