Warning Signs of Illegal Bugging


Warning Signs of Bugging


Eavesdropping, electronic surveillance, and covert surveillance are all on a dramatic increase and a huge threat to corporations, government agencies and any one who has information that others want. This is due in part to the very competitive business commercial and political environment we live in, as well as the huge profits that the sale of stolen intelligence can bring. On a domestic front, divorce and asset division can bring a potential ex-spouse to bug and eavesdrop on their home to gain an advantage. And finally, high-net worth clients are always susceptible to being bugged to gain information that could be used against them.

The ability to identify some of the signs of covert surveillance can help you to identify and deal with potential threats to your business, reputation, competitiveness and bottom line before critical damage occurs.

Remote Monitoring

Remote TSCM Monitoring Bug Sweeps

Technical surveillance has shifted dramatically to remote monitoring through the use of cellular and WI-FI technologies.

Technical Surveillance

Technical Surveillance DeBugging

Surveillance through technical processes involve safeguarding your information no matter if your in the boardroom or traveling through hotels.

Human Surveillance

Human Counter Surveillance

Human surveillance used to mean being watched, being followed, and physically listening to conversations. Those days have long since past.

Potential Warning Indicators

Do others seem to know your private and personal activities? This would be of specific concern if you had taken some reasonable measures to ensure company confidentiality or personal security but still find that confidential intelligence, information and trade secrets are known to others. Here are a few warning signs:

  • Competitive proposals, quotes or bids are being awarded to your competitors.
  • The contents of confidential documentation is quoted or referred to by outsiders.
  • There are signs of interference in the quality of your electronic communications such as emails, voice mails, and other communications.
  • Sudden continuous or intermittent interference to various systems including audio, video, and wireless communications.
  • Your office or home shows signs of unexplained disturbance, meaning it appears someone was there.
  • Your office or home has been the victim of a commercial or private burglary with very little loss or no loss.
  • Electrical outlets, wall plates, phone jacks, or fixtures and fittings seem to have been moved or are not straight when no work has been conducted.
  • Damaged or disturbed ceiling tiles, or debris is discovered on surfaces could indicate unauthorized entry into the false ceiling or tampering. False ceilings are the prime locations for eavesdroppers.
  • Disturbance to office furniture, office equipment, drawers and no explanation for this can be found.
  • New items (radios, clocks, phones, power adapter, lamp, calculator etc.) suddenly appear in your office or home with no hint of how they got there.
  • You notice unusual or unscheduled human activity around restricted or private areas.
  • Contractor’s vehicles, often vans, are parked near to your building for extended periods of time.
  • Unscheduled workmen turn up to perform maintenance work on the air conditioning, plumbing, electrics, telephone cabling etc. This can occur during office hours or during the out of office times when night security guards are protecting the building.

If you recognize any of these and are suspicious that you are under unauthorized surveillance you should act quickly.

Steps to Take Now

1) Take action to safeguard your information by using our secure contact form or call us directly from a phone outside the area you suspect is bugged. Our direct number is 866-448-3138.

2) We are an experienced, licensed, insured, technical surveillance countermeasures corporation. We hold a wealth of experience in discovering and dealing with the risks posed by both active and passive electronic listening devices by having over 25 years in investigation experience.